Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our Downtown Is Blooming!

A lot has happened since my last blog post, so we had better get down to the business of getting caught up!

We moved a few doors west of our prior location on Tarpon Avenue in August of 2013. You know what they say, location is everything, and in our case this most certainly was true. Our new shop is bigger than the last, and has great bones with an exposed brick wall, pressed steel ceilings and large windows. Oh I do love these historic buildings! 

The blue carpeting had to go, however, and I was hoping to find original wood flooring hiding underneath...

It was underneath alright. Buried below layers and layers of all sorts of flooring. I decided not to open a can of worms by ripping it up, and opted for a very economical option...plywood! What do you think?

We created an office and a storeroom by building a wall with 100 year old barn wood and antique French doors at the rear of the space.

My office is quite small, and I didn't fancy feeling boxed in, so I put this fantastic mural on the back wall. 

Now everyday I get to work in Manhattan!

While watching a State Farm ad, I noticed these cool clothing racks and shelves in the background and had something similar custom made.

The keyhole that used to frame a doorway at our first location, has been made into a large mirror, perfect for photo opportunities and trying on hats!

What has really been exciting is that the Historic Downtown continues to improve and has oodles of new businesses. 

Sherry Wendt, was instrumental in the clean up and beautification of Hibiscus Street. You know that little street that a year ago looked like a derelict alley behind the Greek Orthodox Church? Well, look at it now!

It looks really lovely and there are still more improvements to come with new awnings and hanging flower baskets. Hibiscus Street is home to Stiltskin Studios, CCC Timeless Treasures, Carmen Muniz Professional Organizer, E.M. Wallace Auctioneers & Appraisals, Staging Beautiful Homes, and coming soon Gallery Of Fun Finds.

I promise to take you out and about soon to introduce you to all of the other new businesses sprouting up, in and around the downtown.